Dengue, leptospirosis cases on the rise

The season of infectious and food/waterborne illness appears to be reviving in the state, with cases of dengue and leptospirosis starting to peak in certain districts.

On Tuesday, 14 cases of dengue fever, 32 cases of leptospirosis and four cases of malaria (imported cases) were reported. Leptospirosis also claimed one life in the day.

Both dengue and leptospirosis are reported in the state year-round, but with the onset of monsoon, they are expected to increase rapidly

On Sunday, 37 cases of dengue fever were reported, including 31 from Ernakulam . district

Outbreaks of food and waterborne diseases are also becoming more common and the Ministry of Health has now decided to launch a nationwide campaign to encourage the public to pay more attention to hygiene when handling food and water.

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