Did Liverpool FC do Sadio Mane a favor by letting the player’s reported move to Bayern Munich happen?

According to a report by Sky journalist Florian PlettenbergLiverpool FC has accepted an offer from Bayern Munich for star striker Sadio Mane, which is reportedly under 40 million euros. This was Bayern’s third bid, with the first two rejected and ‘laughable’, with Liverpool pushing for 50 million euros. So why did Liverpool accept this third and final offer?

As reported by Fabrizio Romano and later repeated on Sport Bible, the reason for this resignation is that Mane “respectfully asked to leave”. Reports suggest Liverpool respect and appreciate Mane for his eight years of service at the club and, in light of this gratitude, decided to compromise on the transfer fee to allow Mane’s wish to leave.

This deal closely follows a similar deal that just happened in 2020, when Thiago Alcantara left Bayern for Liverpool after seven years at the club. Bayern were also initially reluctant to let Thiago go, but lowered the asking price in the closing weeks of the window.

The more pessimistic might argue that Bayern and Liverpool have both lowered their asking prices as the clubs desperately wanted to make money for players in the final year of their contract. And frankly, that’s entirely possible. But it’s also entirely possible that both clubs really wanted to honor legendary players and compromised to make them happy, with Liverpool eventually repaying the favor Bayern gave in 2020. That’s just a much happier way of looking at it.

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