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Two years ago, the Covid-19 pandemic changed the way we live forever. The contagious disease made us lock ourselves in the houses and go through the fear of watching in horror as it got hold of people. Over time things got better with the vaccination and the booster shots. The immunity of the people also started to grow and as a group we were able to recover more quickly from the disease. However, the disease continues to have a long-lasting impact on health. Abhishek Gagneja, founder of Yoga Brands, told HT Lifestyle: “Even weeks after a negative test, many people still have post-covid-19 symptoms such as fatigue, difficulty breathing, joint pain, chest pain and foggy memory. varies from person to person, it is extremely important to follow a nutritious diet and choosing sensible food options is one of the fastest ways to get fit.”

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Abhishek Gagneja further noted five food choices and dietary changes that can help boost the body’s immunity and aid in faster recovery. They are as follows:

Immunity Boosting Foods: Foods that are full of nutrients such as vitamin C and minerals such as zinc, copper and iron are recommended to include in the daily diet. citrus fruits, dark green leafy vegetables and seasonal fruits should also be included in the diet.

High-protein foods: Abhishek Gagneja mentioned that after the recovery from covid-19, it is important to strengthen immunity and contribute to the growth of the muscles of the body to develop physical strength. For this it is important to include foods such as pulses, pulses, eggs, meat, fish, chicken and dairy products in the diet.

Energizing Food: The process of recovery from covid-19 drains the body of physical and mental strength. In such cases, it is important to consume foods that increase the body’s energy level. High-carbohydrate foods such as wheat, corn, jaggery, and ghee should be included in the diet.

Healthy fats: Fats are known to have a bad reputation, but they contribute to the proper functioning of the hormones and provide about 15-20 percent of the daily nutrition to the body. Foods rich in health fats like avocado, nuts, ghee and olive oil are recommended by the expert.

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