Dr Prathap Kumar N to perform live Zero Contrast Angioplasty first time at the national conference of CSI-NIC 2022 in Ahmedabad

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dr. Prathap Kumar N Performs Live Zero Contrast Angioplasty for the First Time at CSI-NIC 2022 National Conference in Ahmedabad

Published on June 19, 2022

dr. Prathap Kumar N, the country’s renowned interventional cardiologist and chairman of the Meditrina Group of Hospitals, will perform live Zero Contrast Angioplasty (ZCA) for the first time in India at a national conference hosted by the Cardiological Society of India (CSI)-National Interventional Council (NIC) to be held in Ahmedabad for three days from June 17.

CSI NIC mind-term conference where the live ZCA case will be conducted for the first time on such a national platform will be attended by elite interventional cardiologists from across the country in Ahmedabad. The three-day CSI – NIC interim meeting is being organized for the first time after the pandemic.

“The idea behind performing ZCA live for the first time at a national conference is to inspire fellow interventional cardiologists from around the country to understand that angioplasty can be performed on patients with renal failure without the fear of putting them on permanent dialysis.” push,” said Dr Prathap Kumar N.

dr. Prathap Kumar N, who is also the scientific chairman of CSI-NIC, will perform live Zero Contrast Angioplasty (ZCA) on the chronic kidney disease patient in the presence of an elite interventional cardiologist from around the country. Previously, Dr. Kumar performs two live ZCAs in a small crowd, but this will be done at the national-level conference in Ahmedabad.

An internationally acclaimed authority performs the most complex angioplasties. dr. Prathap Kumar has performed more than 40 zero contrast angioplasties in several Meditrina hospitals across the country in recent months. He has been working on the ZCA technique for a long time and has shown a 100 percent success rate in patients with acute kidney problems.

dr. Prathap explains that patients with kidney failure who are not on dialysis fear being pushed into permanent dialysis after doing angioplasty. However, this is not the case, as ZCA can prevent this. Many patients can live longer, as more than 80 percent of patients with kidney failure die of heart attack.

With the absolute minimum amount of contrast, the chance of kidney damage is significantly reduced. However, with the high contrast or large amount of dye entering the body during the angiogram in patients with high creatinine levels and elderly patients, the likelihood of renal failure increases, putting them in the state of permanent dialysis.

dr. Manish Doshi, a leading medical device company, said: “Such excellent procedures improve the results of our interventional and drug delivery products. Such programs help to develop and improvise the new techniques and know-how of the entire medical fraternity, which was planned to should be in each of these encounters, not just for interventional cardiology, but for every specialty of the medical field.”

The main purpose of the live ZCA is to demonstrate IVUS awareness and wire usage and to place multiple wires in a patient during the CSI-NIC interim meeting in Ahmedabad.

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