Dying Bear Seeks Revenge By Killing Hunter Who Shot Him Before Succumbing To Wounds

Dying bear seeks revenge by killing hunter who shot him before succumbing to wounds

Bear attacks in Russia are common. (Unsplash/representative photo)

In a horrific incident, a 62-year-old hunter in Russia has been killed in a revenge attack by the bear that fatally wounded him.

Citing the Russian news agency Interfaxnews week reported that the unnamed fighter had attempted to kill the wild beast from a platform in the Tulun district of Russia’s Irkutsk region. Perhaps believing the brown bear to be dead, it descended from the platform only to be attacked and killed by the animal in its final act. The bear reportedly crushed the man’s skull and started clawing at him.

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The 62-year-old, who was reported missing, was found after a search in the woods. His bloodied corpse was discovered with claws and fangs. The bear’s carcass, on the other hand, was found about 50 meters away from the hunter.

According to the outlet, the regional office of the Russian Ministry of the Interior said: “The mortally wounded predator managed to inflict an injury that killed the hunter”.

It is still not clear what species of bears attacked the hunter. However, brown bears and Kamchatka brown bears can all be found in Russia. They can weigh up to 1,300 pounds and stand as high as 7 feet when on two legs.

Bear attacks in Russia are common. According to news weekIn 2021, a camper van was eaten by a bear while his three friends looked on in horror. The animal lunged at friends in a Russian national park, eventually killing one of them.

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In the same year, a 24-year-old Russian woman was also never seen again after disappearing in a forest near Severouralsk. Her remains were not found, but authorities suspected the bear was responsible for the incident. They also believed that the bear may have buried her remains.

Bears are not usually aggressive towards humans unless they feel provoked or vulnerable. They usually don’t attack people for food. A bear is most likely to attack if food or its cubs are involved.

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