E-mobility: Enel X Way and E-GAP bring on-demand charging to major Italian tourist destinations

From August, Enel X Way, in partnership with E-GAP, will offer mobile home charging for electric vehicles in Argentario, Santa Margherita Ligure and the surrounding areas, with innovative and fast-charging vans bookable through the Enel X Way JuicePass app

Buying an electric car and planning a trip just got easier. In August, a new innovative service will be launched in Argentario (Tuscany) and Santa Margherita Ligure (Liguria) as part of the collaboration between Enel X Way, Enel’s global business line dedicated to electric mobility, and E-GAP. In addition to using Enel X Way’s charging infrastructure network, electric car owners can now book fast, on-demand charging via the JuicePass app and an E-GAP van will be available to charge the vehicle even if the owner does. not is there.

We are excited to renew our partnership with E-GAP, making vehicle charging even easier for our customers, who can now charge their vehicles at the network of charging stations across the country and have an additional on-demand option.” said Riccardo Amoroso, Head of Marketing and Sales Enel X Way. “As of today, our customers in Argentario, Tuscany and Santa Margherita Ligure can book E-GAP vans through JuicePass, enabling them to be quickly charged in just a few minutes, wherever their electric car is located.. This is a unique service that will boost the spread of electric mobility in areas where tourism is increasing the number of electric vehicles.”

“We are excited about joining our expertise with Enel X Way, confirming that a mix of charging models is the best way to accelerate the transition to ‘all electric’, so consumers can choose an electric car knowing they can go anywhere. be charged and fast“, noticed Luca Fontanelli, General Manager Europe and CEO Italy of E-GAP. “Cooperation between operators and the creation of a capillary network of services across Europe is the basis for promoting electric vehicles and overcoming the structural barriers that would hinder the achievement of the European Union’s goals.”

Today, Enel X Way has set up more than 16,000 charging stations in Italy, making it the largest nationwide infrastructure network available to electric vehicle drivers. In addition to the charging stations owned by Enel X Way, an additional 13,000 points are available through interoperability agreements. The charging capacity of an E-GAP van is equivalent to a fast charging station, currently more than 50 kW and soon 100 kW. E-GAP is developing a presence across Europe. Already covering France, Spain and Germany, it is expanding its fleet of on-demand electric charging vehicles with 100 new e-vans to be on the road by the end of the year, with a target of 500 by 2024.


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