Early Software Issues Cropping Up For Nothing Phone

A user named Lime collected a few indicators of less-than-stellar software in a single post in the r/Android Reddit community. The message does not mention any hardware errors which is usually a good thing as it means that users who are currently unhappy with the phone (1) can hope for a fix. On the other hand, multiple issues revealed at launch imply that the software may have needed more extensive testing before it was released.

Based on a review from the German website Computer Base, the phone has issues with Google Pay that mostly seem to be due to a lack of compatibility between the service and Nothing OS. The phone (1) encounters resistance with Google Pay, warning the user that “Ihr Gerüt erfüllt nicht die Sicherheitsstandards” – basically saying that the phone does not meet the required security standards of the app. If a phone doesn’t meet security standards, Google Pay will assume it’s rooted or running uncertified software. For people who often use Google Pay, that is certainly annoying.

Update: According to Computer Base, this issue has been resolved with an update to Nothing OS version 1.1.0.

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