Egyptian Court Calls For Live TV Execution Of Man Who Fatally Stabbed Woman For Rejecting Him

Egyptian court calls for live TV execution of man who stabbed woman to death for rejecting him

Mohamed Adel was convicted of killing Nayera Ashraf outside Mansoura University.

An Egyptian court has called for the live execution of a murderer who stabbed his classmate to death after she rejected his marriage proposal.

According to the Independent, 21-year-old Mohamed Adel was found guilty of murdering fellow student Nayera Ashraf at Mansoura University in northern Egypt last month. He was sentenced to death on June 28 and now Mansoura’s courthouse has written to parliament asking that his execution be broadcast live on television to prevent similar crimes in the future.

Citing local media, the outlet reported that the court wrote in a statement: “The broadcast, if only part of the start of the proceedings, could achieve the purpose of deterrence, which was not achieved by the conviction itself from to send.”

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The court heard that Mr Adel stabbed Ms Ashraf to death outside the university after she rejected his marriage proposal. He pleaded guilty to the murder and was sentenced to death, a decision that went to Egypt’s Grand Mufti, Dr. Shawki Allam. The verdict was announced on July 24.

However, Mr Adel’s legal team is still fighting for him. The accused’s lawyer, Farid El-Deeb, said his client would appeal the verdict. Mr El-Deeb was quoted as saying, “We have 60 days left to challenge the death sentence against Adel.”

According to the national, millions of Egyptians have followed the horrific case since graphic videos of Ms Ashraf’s murder on a busy street were widely shared on social media. The murder of Nayera Ashraf has also highlighted the issue of gender-based violence in Egypt. Last year, Amnesty International also stated that the police did not adequately investigate sexual and gender-based violence, nor did the courts adequately punish it.

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Meanwhile, according to the IndependentEgypt has issued an increasing number of death sentences in recent years. The last time the country had a public execution was in 1998 when state television broadcast the hanging of three men who murdered a woman and her two children at their home in Cairo.

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