Ekta Kapoor gives a glimpse of Yeti entering Naagin 6: ‘VFX on TV budgets…’

Supernatural drama Naagin 6 keeps fans entertained with a thrilling drama. The protagonist of Tejasswi Prakash saw the arrival of a number of magical creatures, the most recent of which was the Yeti. Producer Ekta Kapoor gave a glimpse of the giant mythical creature her team created. In the caption, she mentioned that while there isn’t much budget when it comes to TV, she loved the Yeti. “Vfx on TV budgets, but not bad, the yeti fought them and we loved it 😎😎😎😃😃😃♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️,” Kapoor wrote.

In the video we see the mountain creatures walking in the snow and bending their arms. With brown eyes and a scary face, the Yeti looks intimidating as they roar loudly in the teaser. ‘Naagin’ Tejasswi Prakash seemed awed by the animation when she posted enamored emojis on Ekta’s post. Actor Rakshanda Khan also replied, “It’s not just the budgets, it’s the really tight timelines! Great going @ektarkapoor and @balajitelefilmslimited.”

Fans, on the other hand, had mixed reactions to the song and the visual effects of Naagin 6. One social media user wrote: “Yah visuala is so amazing and #tejasswiprakash nails it like SarvasresthaseshNaagin 🐍🐍…yah she got her power back 💪💪” , as another added, “VFX was so bad bruh it didn’t even match naagin standards.”

Earlier, Ekta Kapoor spoke to indianexpress.com about whether the quality of VFX questions Indian content when it comes to supernatural dramas. “We don’t realize that we only communicate with people from the urban sector. But India has more. There may be a lack of voice and maturity, but someone is watching these shows, which is why the numbers are coming. Naagin was adapted into southern languages ​​and did well there. I also think that Indian folklore has not been adopted that much. Yes, we need to improve our special effects, but for that we need to get better with our budgets. I actually think we are still at the stage where we are being controlled by our budget. We rely more on our writing, our twists, and our special effects. I think that’s the fun and the challenge of making sci-fi and Indian fiction. At the very least, we’ve created shape-shifting snakes in India,” she said.

In addition to Tejasswi Prakash, the Colors weekend series also stars Maeck Chahal, Simba Nagpal, Urvashi Dholakia and Sudha Chandran.

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