Elden Ring Should Release a ‘Miyazaki Cut’

Since its launch, many have called Elden Ring a Game of the Year visitor for The Game Awards and other showcases. So far this year there isn’t much that can match it, except maybe God of War: Ragnarok, which has no set release date yet. It’s also pretty easy to see why, as FromSoftware managed to combine the challenge of a Soulsborne title with an open-world RPG full of mystery, unique world-building, and more.

Elden Ring is not perfect, no game really is, but it is one that captures the imagination in unique ways. Some believe the second half of the game is worse than the first half, and there were Elden Ring quests that were incomplete at launch. At the same time, much was left on the cutting floor floor as more and more interesting bits of cut content are discovered.


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Why an Elden Ring Director’s Cut Would Be Perfect

With this in mind, it seems like an “Elden Ring: Miyazaki Cut” would be more than appropriate. The game obviously had to cut back a bit, and it’s not likely that the game’s vision has really changed, but to see everything it was once conceived of Elden Ring would be interesting. That’s not to say that Miyazaki or anyone else was cutting things for no reason or being an overbearing hand in content, but “Miyazaki Cut” would be an interesting sell. Developing games isn’t easy either, and it’s easy to see why it shouldn’t. However, that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t.

When Zack Snyder fans called out for a Justice League: Snyder Cut, it sounded everywhere. Even Death Stranding got a Director’s Cut, and it seemed like the next entertainment trend for a hot minute. In the end it didn’t, and that’s probably a good thing. But if there’s one game that eventually deserves a re-release with all the content plugged in, it’s that Elden Ring.

An expanded version of Elden Ring should come with tons of cut content

Again, game development is not an easy task. It’s not that FromSoftware can just flip a switch and all the cut content would be ready to go. Fans are still waiting for Elden Ring DLC, and a task like this would probably take years. But this could end up giving fans tons of content to check out. It wouldn’t have to be perfect either, as fans would know this would be a special release.

But it can hold so much. For example, it seems that Elden Ring first had an intro with Godfrey outside of The Lands Between before it was taken out of the game as it turned out that the traders adored the Three Fingers. Elden RingThe first merchant, Kale, had a whole quest about this that was cut short. And there’s a ton of cut content like this – including Gostoc revealing he’s Godrick’s son, Blaidd being summoned during the Rennala fight, Miquella’s quest for dreams, the end of the Age of Absolute and much, much more .

That’s probably just the tip of the iceberg, given how much approx Elden Ring may remain undiscovered. Even if some of the restored content was off or the reissue struggled technically (but obviously improved by patches), it would be incredibly interesting to see what was left behind. Ultimately, it’s incredibly unlikely that fans should rely on mods or read about them online, but an “Elden Ring: Miyazaki Cut” would be interesting to experience.

Elden Ring is now available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

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