Elden Ring SNES Demake Looks Extremely Faithful in Its 16-Bit Glory

Elden Ring is one of the most successful action role-playing games developed by From Software, and with its popularity came demakes that imagine what the game would look like when released on older gaming systems.

A few hours ago, 64 Bits shared a new video showing their SNES demake of the latest game developed by From Software. This demake manages to be extremely faithful to the original, while managing to capture the spirit of the role-playing games developed on the system with detailed and colorful sprites and even a Mode 7 map reminiscent of the one in Final Fantasy VI .

Elden Ring Mod Brings Sekiro’s Dodge Step and Bloodborne’s Quickstep

It’s 1995 and Elden Ring just came out on Super Nintendo!

This is the SEVENTH in a series of short demakes we’re making! Here we take you back in time with “Elden Ring for Super Nintendo”.

We’ve done our best to capture the style and spirit of the platform’s best SNES RPGs, such as Secret of Mana, Terranigma, and Final Fantasy 6.

As mentioned above, Elden Ring is the latest action role-playing game developed by From Software, and one of the best yet, if not the very best, as I highlighted in my review.

I tried my best to find bugs in Elden Ring, but as hard as I tried, I couldn’t find anything other than a few technical issues that the developers could patch through. I firmly believe that there is no such thing as perfection and that it is always possible to improve, but I really couldn’t think of anything Elden Ring could have done better. As such, the game deserves a perfect score, an honor that I would only have given to a few other modern games, not only for its extremely high quality, but also for what it has accomplished with its open world and for how it will certainly affect video games as a whole in the future.

Elden Ring is now available worldwide on PC, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and Xbox One.

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