electric vehicles: Govt vigilant about EVs safety, experts on the job: Minister

As EV two-wheeler sales plummet amid fears of battery fires, Okinawa Autotech, PureEV and Ola Electric recalled 6,656 vehicles after battery explosion incidents increased in the country. are at work.

In response to a question in the Lok Sabha, State Minister for Heavy Industry Krishan Pal Gurjar said the government has taken serious note of the battery explosions in EV two-wheelers and that a panel of experts is investigating.

The minister informed that of the 6,656 EVs that were recalled, Okinawa Autotech recalled 3,215 units, PureEV recalled 2,000 EVs and Ola Electric recalled 1,441 units.

“The committee of experts has been given the responsibility to address the safety-related recent problems of electric vehicles. Component testing for EVs is done according to the relevant standards, as specified in Rule 126 of the Central Motor Vehicles Rule, 1989 to ensure compliance guarantee,” Gurjar inquired.

The committee of experts was “consisted of independent experts from DRDO (Defense Research and Development Organization) and Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bengaluru and Naval Science & Technological Laboratory (NSTL), Visakhapatnam to address the safety-related recent problems of electric vehicles. suit,” the minister said in his reply.

He said the government is vigilant about the safety standards of electric vehicles.

The data came as Ather Energy sold just 1,279 EV two-wheelers out of 3,829 vehicles in June for the entire month of July — a huge drop in numbers — followed by Ola Electric, which sold 3,852 out of 5,891 vehicles in June.

The decline in EV two-wheel sales, according to industry experts, is due to consumer fears about the safety of EV two-wheelers in the face of several battery fires and explosions in the recent past.

Nitin Gadkari, the Union’s Minister of Roads and Roads, told Parliament last month that all those EV two-wheeler companies have received a warning that their vehicles caught fire due to battery problems.

The ministry has set up a committee of experts to propose safety standards for batteries, battery components and related systems.

The Central Consumer Protection Authority (CCPA), which comes under the Department of Consumer Affairs, said this week it has warned four to five EV two-wheeler manufacturers over several consumer complaints about battery explosions and fire incidents.

The CCPA received several complaints from the buyers of EV two-wheelers.

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