Enthusiast restores a deleted GTA Vice City mission

Grand Theft Auto is like a gift that just keeps on giving. Because it takes years to make these games, several pieces of content end up on the cutting shop floor. For example, we have evidence of a mission for the original Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, which stars the game’s protagonist, Tommy Vercetti, in a movie.

Rockstar Games would later repurpose the idea for the cut mission content in 2006’s Vice City Stories.

YouTuber Vadim M was the first to find the code buried deep in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City – The Definitive Edition, a 2002 remaster of the title.

As shown in Vadim’s video, the code for the mission, movie demo, includes a cutscene where Tommy leaves the Ocean Beach police station, after which two mobsters follow him to the Malibu Club. A gunfight then ensues as the game’s protagonist drives off in a Banshee, only to crash the car and leave them “dead”. After assembling bits of cut dialogue, Vadim finds out that the cut content is part of a deleted mission starring Tommy in a chase scene.

You can watch the video below for yourself to get a glimpse of what could have been:

Most interesting is how the data miner found the code for the buried mission.

As PCGamesN points out, the original source code for Vice City contained several files that Rockstar Games had marked for internal use only. This meant that the public was never allowed to see the said files. This also implies that Grove Street Games failed to do its due diligence by including sad internals in the release version of Vice City – The Definitive Edition. If nothing else, this speaks volumes about how Grove Street Games messed up the development of the remastered trilogy, which the YouTuber also commented on.

The cut content just proves how Grove Street Games dropped the ball with the remaster.

More than half a year after its launch, the GTA trilogy remains unremarkable and buggy. Several attempts to patch the game’s most common issues have worked, but it remains a long way from the masterpiece that the originals were.

As for the future of GTA, you can check out our report on what GTA VI could potentially be about.

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