EVO 2022 Melty Blood player ‘My Wife’s Son’ goes 3-2 with Guitar Hero controller

EVO 2022, the world’s largest fighting game tournament, has already seen some phenomenal gameplay so far. However, one of the most hype-filled moments of the tournament had to come from the Melty Blood: Type Lumina pools.

Also known as “My Wife’s Son”, Joeseff brought back the Guitar Hero controller gameplay he’s known for, and did quite well during his time in pools.

I open the corny bloodstream and there’s someone playing with a guitar hero controller #Evo2022 https://t.co/pGHKI8qwWu

EVO 2022 competitor ‘My Wife’s Son’ takes 129th place out of 411 with a Guitar Hero controller

During the Melty Blood: Type Lumina pools at EVO 2022, fans were treated to something special. A Twitch streamer known as Joeseff, who passed by “My Wife’s Son” during this year’s EVO, hilariously brought out the iconic Guitar Hero controller to do battle. One of his matches in particular was aired on the stream when he played Rix.

Josuke with the guitar hero controller at evo is always a huge boost in serotonin https://t.co/kT3DVumoCb

The player competed in a large number of tournaments on EVO 2022, but it seemed that anime fighters were the player’s specialty. While other players were setting up, the casters made it clear that he had a tendency to play a lot of anime fighters. That said, the two casters also stated that they had never seen him play this game before.

One caster did suggest that it was likely he would play Shiki Tono, the lead character, which ended up being an accurate prediction. After a short time to set up and check all the buttons, the battle began.

It wasn’t even close, with My Wife’s son going 2-0 on Rix, showing some incredible corner combos and pushing Rix’ Dead Apostle Noel right into the corner. Surprisingly, he made using the Guitar Hero controller seem pretty easy and made some incredible combinations.

While it didn’t make the Top 8, there was no shame in the streamer’s entertaining performance. He ended up going 3-2 in Melty Blood: Type Lumina, ranking 129 out of 411. Fans loved it, leading to quite a bit of chatter on Twitter.

Interestingly, EVO 2022 is not the first appearance of this legendary guitar carrier. For example, back at EVO 2019, he released the controller as “Mad Camelz Lord Hoseph Dong” for Under Night In-Birth. He may not have won, but he was definitely remembered.

My god I don’t want to have to beat my opponent in the first round in CvS2 https://t.co/58MMzYeKyM

@Jebailey Hey Jebailey, sorry I couldn’t be at our game. Can we get a CVS2 set up and running tomorrow? I really wanted to play against you.

@yohseph Secure. I have a stacked schedule, but if I’m around there for ST EN 3S, I find myself.

Unfortunately, the player missed his match in CVS2 against CEOs Alex Jebailey, but hopefully the two get a match later this weekend, which should be an eventful one.

I didn’t expect this at all. My friend sent me this. So cool, but also mindblowing, haha. https://t.co/5gliOhdsRy

The moment was even broadcast on the huge EVO monitors on the ceiling, making it a real hype moment for the Melty Blood player. Anyway, fans of the tournament absolutely loved this moment.

@djsonic21 When someone comes up with a guitar controller, you know they have the confidence to beat you with it

In addition, a few Twitter users also recognized the controller from its 2019 achievements.

@djsonic21 Is that the same guy who went to evo in UNIST with one. The Linai (can’t spell the name) player???

@RSpex_ it looks like the same guitar hero controller from what i saw so it could actually be the same guy yeah

The EVO fighting game tournament is always known for having shocking and memorable moments, and Joeseff certainly created his own tournament this year with his Melty Blood rendition on the Guitar Hero controller.

While he didn’t come out on top, this player will no doubt be remembered for making a bold choice to bring a guitar to a fighting game tournament. My wife’s son has shown exactly what he is capable of this year.

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