EVs less stressful to drive – automaker survey

Research by DS Automobiles found that owners of electric and hybrid cars were less stressed while driving than owners of petrol or diesel cars.

In a survey of 2000 British drivers, more than 78% had experienced stress while driving. However, 38% of electric and hybrid car owners said their current car made them less stressed than previous petrol or diesel cars they had.

31% of those who experienced stress admitted it negatively affected their driving skills, with stressed drivers more likely to make hasty decisions and pay less attention to potential hazards. This highlighted the importance of a relaxed driving environment, with 20% of drivers saying features designed to reduce stress were something they usually consider when looking for a new car.

One of the features drivers found most effective at reducing stress was cited by 41% of respondents as a quiet and refined ride.

Jules Tilstone, Managing Director of DS Automobiles UK, said: “Sometimes driving can be as stressful as it is enjoyable, but one of the many benefits of switching to electric is that it can help drivers feel more relaxed behind the wheel.”

Other features that 52% and 34% of drivers said helped reduce stress, respectively, are a comfortable interior and seats, and a smooth ride.

51% said they found the overall experience of buying and owning a car stressful.

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