Ex-PAK captain blames Shastri for Kohli’s form: ‘Had no business coaching India’ | Cricket

Ravi Shastri will certainly go down in history as one of India’s most successful coaches of all time, but according to a former Pakistani captain, the ex-all-rounder turned commentator had ‘no business’ stepping into a coaching role. Shastri was appointed head coach of the Indian team in 2017 following the controversial ouster of Anil Kumble from that position, but since he took over, Shastri’s resumes are full of achievements that no Indian coach could boast of. Under Shastri, India won two test series in Australia and England led 2-1 on their territory. In addition, the team reached the final of the 2017 Champions Trophy, the inaugural World Test Championship and the semi-finals of the 2019 World Cup.

And yet, former wicketkeeper Rashid Latif thinks the decision to remove Kumble and replace him with Shastri backfired, somehow managing to link Virat Kohli’s slump with the appointment of Shastri as coach. “It’s thanks to him (Ravi Shastri) that this happened,” Latif said when asked about his response to Shastri’s advice to break up with Virat Kohli on the ‘Caught Behind’ YouTube channel.

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Shastri was appointed director of Team India in 2014 and remained in charge until 2016 when Kumble became the head coach. However, a spat between coach Kumble and former captain Kohli led to the spider legend resigning from office before Shastri officially stepped in in July 2017. coaching, and indirectly mentioned that Kohli’s form has taken a dent due to the bridges that burned down previously.

“In 2019 you sidelined a player like Kumble and Ravi Shastri came in. Whether he had the accreditation or not I have no idea. He was a broadcaster. There were other people who played a part in bringing Shastri in. But that works. Now backwards, isn’t it? If he (Shastri) hadn’t become the coach, he (Kohli) wouldn’t have gone out of shape.”

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