Exclusive – Mahira Sharma is not open to doing bold scenes; says ‘If I am doing some work I should be able to watch it comfortably with my family’

Mahira Sharma is one of the most popular actresses of recent times. The cheerful actress has done work in succession after she came out of Bigg Boss 13. She is highly regarded by her fans for the amount of dedication she has shown while juggling between the shoots of three different projects.

We contacted the actress to find out what her plans are after these projects? Speaking of the same, Mahira said: “I’ve made TV, movies, reality shows, and now I’m doing a web series. Basically I’ve done everything that was on my bucket list, but making Southern movies is something I’m looking forward to doing.” to do and check it off my bucket list.”

We also asked the actress, who will soon be seen in a web series, if she is open to daring scenes in the future? Mahira responded to the same, saying: “I’m against making bold scenes because I think if I’m doing some work I should be able to watch it comfortably with my family. Also, I don’t feel comfortable shooting bold scenes, which is why I prefer shooting projects that don’t require bold scenes from my character.”

Finally, the actress concluded by sharing her all-time favorite web series: “The web show I love to see is Lost in Space. I’ve seen it many times and I can still watch it anytime. I would have loved to have been part of it.” of this show and if such a web series is made in the future, I would definitely be a part of it.”

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