Explained: How OnePlus has made 150W fast charging safer ensuring battery health in the longer run

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Fast charging, a term that has become one of the core features in most modern smartphones and is also one of the sought after features when buying a new smartphone. OnePlus recently launched its latest OnePlus 10T 5G smartphone worldwide. Though it brings a whole bunch of new features like Qualcomm’s flagship chip, 16GB RAM and more. Charging the 150W SuperVooC Endurance Edition and all the accompanying technologies caught our attention.
For those not in the know, fast loading speed comes with a price and its own risks. For example, charging a battery at that rate could reduce its life faster than you can imagine. In addition, there is a risk that something will go seriously wrong. However, OnePlus has managed to smooth them out with its 150W SuperVooC Endurance Edition.
During the keynote, OnePlus thoroughly explained the precautions and features they have included in the OnePlus 10T to make 150W fast charging a safe bet and ensure long battery life. The company also put a lot of emphasis on their Batter Health Engine (BHE), which ensures safe charging in the smartphone. Let’s explain.
Before we dive too deep, though, let’s take a look at claimed numbers from OnePlus. According to the company, the 150W fast-charging technology takes about 17 minutes to fully charge the OnePlus 10T’s 4,500mAh battery and charges to 70 percent in 10 minutes.
Battery health engine (BHE) is the key
For starters, the company said they have used a number of engineering designs to reduce heat dissipation to the battery. The handset comes with 13 temperature sensors and a custom charging chip, according to the company. They provide the best safety and keep the temperature under control while charging.
The handset also comes with 128-bit encryption that detects the appropriate charging speed cable for added security.
In addition, the company also highlighted the Battery Health Engine, which comes with two main features: Smart Battery Health Algorithm and Battery Healing Technology.
The technology ensures that the phone receives optimal charging current and does not exceed the recommended range for longer battery life. In addition, it preserves battery capacity for longer life.
Smart charging features are also part of the setup
OnePlus has said that the smartphone will come with a dual charging pump, meaning there are two charging pumps with 75W power each to charge the device. This helps reduce heat output during charging or at least less than what a single 150W charging pump would have generated.


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