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Meanwhile, Telegram will not become a fully paid app as the existing features will be available to all users. Representative image

Cloud-based encrypted instant messaging platform Telegram was launched in 2013. According to a report by Forbes, the service was co-founded by Pavel Durov and his brother Nikolai. It has proven to be a popular messaging platform in recent years, competing with other services such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. Telegram, which was once a free service, recently announced a premium subscription service in an effort to monetize the platform.
The company recently announced the rollout of the Telegram Premium Subscription† The company has claimed that Telegram Premium will aid in the success of the app and will make it more user-friendly as it will provide exclusive features to users who will support the platform.
Meanwhile, Telegram will not become a fully paid app as the existing features will be available to all users. However, the Premium plan adds some extra features.
Telegram Premium: price and availability
The Telegram Premium plan is now available for Rs 460 per month and it extends the limits of the customers to use several additional features not available to non-premium users. As announced in a blog post from the messaging platform, the subscriptions are available to users around the world. However, the new Premium plans are available for both android and iOS only on the latest version of the app.
Additional features in Telegram Premium
According to the company, new features will first be introduced to Telegram Premium users before being made available to regular users. Some features are exclusive to Premium users only.
Bigger and faster file sharing support
Regular users can currently send and receive files up to 2 GB, but the limit for Premium users will be doubled to 4 GB. The larger size helps users to upload large files such as 4K videos or Full HD movies and music albums. However, it is important to note that regular users can easily download these large files, but not upload them. In addition, Telegram Premium users can achieve faster upload and download speeds compared to non-premium users.
Doubled group limits and other features
Currently, regular users can join up to 500 groups and channels and save up to 200 favorite GIFs. Telegram Premium users can join up to 1000 groups and 400 GIFs of their choice. Premium users can also create up to 20 chat folders with up to 200 chats each.
Other additional features
Telegram Premium offers other key features including: integrated audio-to-text message converter, unique stickers and comments, an updated chat manager that can create custom folders, animated profile pictures, special app icons, no ads in public channels, and a premium profile badge for paying customers.
New improvements for regular users
Telegram also announced that it will “continue to implement free features” for regular users. In the regular version of the service, public groups can enable membership requests and administrators can rate new members before approving them. The messaging app also allows authentication badges for non-premium users who are confirmed sources. The company has also promised to add better bots and added 100 fixes and optimizations for smoother animations and better audio and video quality.
For Android, the new update will also improve chat previews and enable the autosave to gallery feature. The new update also improves remote sharing on iOS and creating animated profile pictures on macOS.


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