Fade’s origin story out in new animated short

Apex Legends Mobile just released an animated short featuring the first mobile-exclusive legend: Fade. It’s not the first time Respawn has introduced animated stories about its legends. The Stories from the Outlands series has already shown many of the most iconic backstories of legends and how they were made ready for the Apex games. This time, however, devoted solely to the mobile audience, there are clearly some drop-offs in production quality. But that doesn’t take away from the exciting and fast-paced exploration of all layers of the man behind the mask, Ignacio Huamani aka Fade. Apex Legends Mobile, Fade Story, Fade Character Trailer,

About Meet Fade: Apex Legends Mobile Character Trailer

In the animated short, Fade and his family of mercenaries are seen in a heist to grab the simulacrum suit as the mission goes sideways. The group tracks down a crashed IMC freighter that contains the suit. Immediately after getting his hands on it, Ignacio immediately puts it on as trouble finds its way to the entire group, leading to a terrible fate. Watch the short below.

As mentioned, the character trailer is a reflection of all the great stories from the Outlands episodes we’ve seen so far. But it also makes sense when you recognize that it’s aimed at the mobile audience and meets its quality goals.

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Fade is the first, but more mobile exclusive legends are already lining up for the foreseeable future. There is no official confirmation, but according to leaks, the names of the upcoming mobile exclusive legends are: Seeker, Botanist, Ampere, Spider and Monkey King. So this is definitely the first of many animated shorts provided by Respawn Entertainment.

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More about Fade: Character Guide

Fade’s skills in Apex Legends Mobile

Apex Legends Mobile: The Possibilities of Fade
Apex Legends Mobile: The Possibilities of Fade

Slipstream (passive): Fade gets a movement speed boost for a very short period of time after performing a certain number of slides. Its slide charges this passive power and once charged it is activated while sliding.

Flashback (tactical): Once activated, Fade teleports back to a previous location. It also leaves a trail that resembles the Wraith void.

Phase chamber (ultimate): Fade drops the activator core in his suit to disable anyone in the beam from dealing or receiving damage by temporarily sending them into the void. If Fade himself is caught doing this, he gains an idle power exactly comparable to Wraith where he can decide which direction to head. For more news about Apex Mobile, keep following InsideSport.IN

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