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Farmani Naz, a resident of a village in the Ratanpuri area of ​​Muzaffarnagar, recently drew the ire of clerics in Deoband when one of her bhajans on Lord Shiva was played extensively at Kanwar Yatra.

MUZAFFARNAGAR: What started as the only way out to gain support for her ailing son, Farmani Naz started singing and quickly became a sensation with 3.84 million social media subscribers.
Naz, a resident of a village in the Ratanpuri area of ​​Muzaffarnagar, recently drew the ire of clerics deo band when one of her bhajans on Lord Shiva was played extensively in Kanwar Yatra.
“We live in a democracy and everyone has the right to do their job. Farmani Naz is a singer who can sing that stops her, there is no Fatwa issued against her. But I would like to say that our religion does not allow bhajans for other religions. This is against Sharia law as well as the teachings of Islam,” said Maulana Ishaq Gora from Deoband.
Another Deoband-based cleric, Mufti Asad Qasmi, said: “According to Islam, any kind of song is not allowed. If a Muslim does this, it is a great sin. Muslims should stay away from singing such songs. Despite having a Being a Muslim Farmani Naz is singing bhajans. She should refrain from doing this and ask God’s forgiveness.”
Naz was married to one Imran Ahmad from the village of Hasanpur in Meerut in 2017, but domestic conflicts marred her marital bliss and to make matters worse, her newborn son developed a throat problem for which her in-laws pressured her to bring extra money from home. . The man was even unfaithful to her.
Discouraged by the recurring pressure and abuse, Naz moved back to her home village Mohammadpur Maafic in Muzaffarnagar, where a youngster heard her sing and recorded her voice for upload on social media.
There was no turning back. She then competed in Indian Idol 2021. “I only sing for my son and that’s all that matters to me,” she says. “I got a gold ticket in Indian Idol, but I had to quit the show because my son had to have surgery,” she said.
When asked that Ulemas is not happy with her profession, she said: “I live in a Muslim-dominated village and to this day nobody objected to my singing. I don’t know which Maulana objected because nobody approached me “.
She was fond of singing in her childhood, but could not fulfill her dream because her parents did not like her hobby. “When I was growing up, my parents let me get married, but my husband was unfaithful to me. He had an extramarital affair. Moreover, I was repeatedly asked to bring extra money. I have a 4-year-old son. We live with my mother and brother in the village”.
“My brother Farman Khan and his friend Rahul uploaded my first song video (Milo Na Tum To Hum Ghabraye Milo to Aankh Churay) two years ago, which got a good response. Many people watched and liked that first song. Since then we have a lot of song videos and uploaded them to YouTube. I’m making a good amount of money from them”.
Her mother, Fatima Begum, said: “Farmani is talented and raises her child by singing songs. Recently she recorded a song for Kanwar yatra. People always object that a Muslim girl sings, but they did not see that she should look after her son also. She sings all kinds of songs, she has to do everything she can to raise her child, she sings bhajans, also sings Qawalis, she also performs Namaz and she also maintains her livelihood.”


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