GAZ introduces new NN generation models for retail and mobile business

Gorky Automobile Plant presents new vehicle models for the delivery of goods and retail. Among the vehicles presented: Sobol NN compact city van (pre-production model), GAZelle NN refrigerated van and food truck on GAZelle NN chassis.

Gorky Automobile Plant, vehicle manufacturer that provides transportation solutions for small and medium-sized businesses, presents vehicles for urban transportation, retail and mobile businesses.

The introduction of the Sobol NN city van in the GAZ range reflects the rapidly growing demand for a compact, agile and at the same time spacious and comfortable van from online retail companies and delivery services. Due to its compact dimensions (length 5120 mm and height 2430 mm) and small turning circle (5.4 m), the truck can easily drive through heavy traffic, narrow streets and busy warehouses, park on site without hindering cars.

Prototype Sobol NN three-seat van with cargo space of 7.8 cubic meters is already available. The dimensions of the luggage compartment (l/w/h) – 2600*1860*1614 mm. In the future, the Sobol NN family will include single and double row cab vans with different body height variants, as well as minibuses.

The GAZelle NN refrigerated truck is designed for the transport of freight with strict temperature requirements, such as frozen products. The use of modern technologies and materials allows for a larger cargo space – 13.12 cubic meters, while maintaining the minimum weight of the loading superstructure of less than 800 kg. The frame and body elements are designed to protect the body from deformation when driving on uneven roads, ensuring the strength and safety of the whole structure. Reinforced thermal insulation makes it possible to maintain the temperature of the transported cargo at -20 ° C. Cooling unit power – up to 2800 W. Vehicle equipment includes 15 cargo attachment points, rear view camera, wide low access door, interior lighting system and a safe for storing money and documents.

The modern and distinctive design of the food truck on the GAZelle NN chassis will attract attention at public events, and the flexible layout allows custom dimensions to be chosen depending on the needs of a particular company. The truck has all the necessary equipment to cook food and make drinks in autonomous operation: frying panel, charcoal grill, deep fryer, microwave, toaster, coffee maker. Two tables, one of which has a cooled surface, water supply and extraction system, ensure comfortable working for a team of three people. It has power outlets from the onboard network and a petrol generator. A built-in rechargeable battery ensures that the cooling equipment continues to work on the road. The fiberglass body surface is highly resistant to mechanical damage.


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