ghaziabad: Girl Isolated Last Wk Tests -ve For Monkeypox | Ghaziabad News

Ghaziabad: Samples from a 5-year-old girl who was isolated in Ghaziabad after a doctor treating her flagged it as a possible case of monkey pox have tested negative for the zoonosis, officials said Tuesday.
The samples had been sent by district authorities to the National Institute of Virology (NIV) in Pune on June 3 as a precautionary measure. The reports were negative, ruling out a first such case for India. Countries around the world are reporting an unexpected outbreak of monkeypox, a viral zoonosis primarily found in tropical rainforests in Central and West Africa, where it is endemic to animals.
According to the World Health Organization, nearly 800 cases have been diagnosed since May, including in 27 non-endemic countries such as the US, UK and European countries, indicating local transmission of the viral disease. India has not reported a case so far, but the Center released a set of guidelines for managing the disease last week, asking states to remain cautious.
“The results of the samples sent to a government laboratory are negative for monkeypox. As there are no positive cases in the country, it is okay to be vigilant, but clinicians and people should not panic and inform the authorities in time for better medical research,” said Dr. Rakesh Gupta, Ghaziabad District Surveillance Officer.
Earlier this month, ENT doctor BP Tyagi informed health officials that the 5-year-old girl he treated at his clinic in the city for an ear-related condition had a rash and pox-like lesions on her body.
She was subsequently isolated at the clinic, although officials said she showed no other monkey pox symptoms such as a fever. Her family, who belong to Patna and had come to Ghaziabad for treatment, also had no history of recent international travel nor had any close contact with any traveler.
District officials told TOI on Tuesday that the girl is out of quarantine and her condition is stable. Her family will likely receive medical consultations with a dermatologist for further treatment, they said.

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