Global NCAP crash test: Kia Carens scores 3 stars for adult, child safety

The base model of the Carens has been tested and is fully equipped with all safety features, including six airbags and ESC.

The Kia Carens received a 3-star rating for protection for both adults and children in the latest round of crash tests by the Global New Car Assessment Program (GNCAP).

GNCAP says the Carens has been tested to the most basic of safety specification. Interestingly, however, all safety features on the Carens are standard from the base variant. This means that the tested unit was equipped with six airbags, ESC, belt tensioners, ABS, all-wheel disc brakes, brake assist system and TPMS.

  • Body of the Carens rated unstable in crash at 64 km/h
  • Was tested for side impact protection because it gets side airbags
  • Scored 9.30 points out of 17 for adult occupant protection

The Carens is the last model to be tested under the current automotive safety watchdog testing protocol. As part of the Safer Cars For India campaign, starting in July, the testing protocol is: set to be improved

3 stars for Carens at GNCAP: splitting the score

The Carens achieved a total of 9.30 out of a possible 17 points for adult occupant protection. Global NCAP’s report states that the Carens’ construction and legroom were both ‘unstable’ at the time of impact and the body was unable to ‘withstand further loads’.

Head and neck protection for both adult crash test dummies were rated as good, but the driver’s chest protection was rated as marginal. Knee protection for the front occupants was also marginal, thanks to a possible collision with ‘dangerous structures behind the dashboard’.

In terms of child occupant protection, the Kia Carens scored a total of 30.99 out of 49 points. The Carens gets ISOFIX mounting points and child seats were also provided and well marked. The car provided limited protection to the dummy of a three-year-old seated in a forward-facing child seat, although it was rated good for the dummy of a 1.5-year-old seated in a rear-facing child seat. However, the Carens gets a lap belt for the middle rear seat, causing him to lose a number of crucial points there.

As the tested model was equipped with two side airbags for the body and head, the Carens was also subjected to a side impact test, which it passed.

Alejandro Furas, Secretary General of Global NCAP, said: “We expected better performance from this model. It remains a concern that global car brands such as Kia, which normally achieve 5 stars in other markets, are still at this level in India. do not get.”

Carens’ GNCAP scores an improvement over Seltos

The Carens is a three-row derivative of the Seltos, and uses the same platform as the latter. The Kia Seltos also had scored a rating of 3 stars at GNCAP in 2020. Importantly, however, the Carens has improved its overall score compared to the Seltos. The Carens has 9.30 points in adult occupant protection, as opposed to the Seltos’ 8.03 points. Meanwhile, in terms of child protection, the Carens is significantly better with 3 stars and 30.99 points as opposed to Seltos’ only 2 stars and 15 points. This is mainly due to the addition of ISOFIX mounting points and the recommendation of a child seat on the Carens.

GNCAP testing protocols to get stricter

GNCAP is all set to introduce an improved testing protocol starting next month. In order for cars to achieve a 5-star safety rating, they must be subject to mandatory side-impact testing and must also be fitted with ESC as standard. In addition, the cars must also comply with the pedestrian protection measures according to UN requirements.

The new standards also state that even if a car scores multiple stars, if the dummy readout shows poor protection for a vital body part, the car will only get one star, regardless of the total number of points earned.

How do you feel about the fact that the Carens has achieved a safety rating of 3 stars from Global NCAP? Let us know in the comments below.

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