Gold rate remains same today for 24 carat and 22 carat

Bhubaneshwar: The gold price in India remained the same on June 5, 2022. Today, gold price in India for 24 karat gold (10 grams) is Rs 51,460 while 22 karat gold (10 grams) costs Rs 47,130.

Fluctuations in the gold price have been observed in several metro cities of India in the past 24 hours. Gold price today in Chennai for 24 karat (10 grams) is Rs 52,285 while the 22 karat (10 grams) is Rs 47,927.

In the national capital Delhi, the gold price for 24 carats (10 grams) is Rs 52,470 while 22 carats (10 grams) is Rs 48,100. The price of gold for 24 carats (10 grams) in Kolkata is Rs 52,470 while 22 carats (10 grams) is Rs 48,100. On the other hand, the price of 24 carat gold (10 grams) in Mumbai is Rs 51,470 while 22 carat gold (10 grams) is Rs 48,100.

As in Bhubaneswar, 24-karat gold (10 grams) cost Rs 52,470 while 22-karat gold (10 grams) cost Rs 48,100 on Sunday. The gold price has remained the same in the past 24 hours for 24 carats (10 grams) and 22 carats (10 grams).

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