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The memories one makes with their parents when they teach us skills in childhood are truly irreplaceable and unforgettable. But skills like walking, talking or even swimming can also be taught by any loving adult. And that’s exactly what can be seen in this Instagram video that shows an adorable Golden Retriever dog named Kevin and some even more precious little puppies. The video was shared on Instagram on the page dedicated to this floof ball called A Golden Named Kevin. He has over 4.42 lakh devoted followers on his page and is based in Tampa Florida in the United States of America.

The adorable video featuring these adorable Golden Retriever puppies has been shared on the social media platform with a caption that helps viewers get more context with the video. It reads, “Kevin met some new puppy friends this weekend. Kevin is not the father of these puppies.” Chances are this video will put a big smile on your face.


Shared 17 hours ago, the video has racked up over 17,500 likes as of now. There are also many nice comments on it.

On Instagram, one person writes, “Aww, he’s such a good friend to these pups.” “Awww what a sweet friend Kevin,” adds another user. A third comment reads: “This is just a practice match for the big day when Kevy meets the kids.” A fourth commenter says, “Little ducklings in training! Watch Kevy show them how to swim at the beginning, it’s too cute.”

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