Good Luck Jerry movie review: This delightful Janhvi Kapoor film commits to its loopiness

That Jerry, the hero of this venture, uses her timid, tear-breaking personality as a clever shield is clear from the start. The official remake of 2018’s Nayanthara starrer ‘Kolamaavu Kokila’ is a smart cookie black comedy (Janhvi Kapoor), her cheerful younger sister (Samta Sudiksha) and their mother (Mita Vashisht), the source of their brains. These women form a small family unit in Bihari in a town in Punjab, surrounded by all kinds of men. A kind uncle ji type (Neeraj Sood) who is gentle with the mother. A good-for-nothing (Deepak Dobriyal), multi-colored hair, who watches Jerry. Quirky drug dealers, always on the lookout for couriers, who are quick to use their guns. And a troop of cops chasing everyone they suspect.

The great thing about the film is that it never loses sight of the fact that it has to be a cape. Jerry quickly learns the ways of the world, whether she’s in her dodgy job at a massage parlor, straying scary customers, or crisscrossing the back roads on buses and paces, carrying multimillion-dollar contraband, dealing with multi – tinted gangsters. There is also a clear effort to create the right amount of joke-making tone.

Where it falters is in maintaining that tone, with slack patches in between. The merry-go-round of cops and mobsters stretches, even as droll con man Timmy (Dalal, excellent) keeps it going. Nice to see Mita Vashisht in a ‘hatke’ role, so different from the bleak characters she’s usually saddled with. The same goes for Sushant Singh, who keeps a glint in his eye even when he counts his packets of white powder and finds them missing: he fits right in with this light-hearted version of ‘Udta Punjab’.

While we’re at it, we can’t help but notice the slippage of Kapoor’s Bihari accent. But there is no doubt that she takes the lead and lets out that little triumphant smile, even though she has to sob too much, the stream of tears that almost overcome the general atmosphere of fun and frolic. And that’s the best thing about “Good Luck Jerry,” a movie that’s committed to its loopiness, without finding an excuse to get the men for its fiery wives. Good for Jerry aka Jaya Kumari aka Janhvi Kapoor.

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