Google Confirms That Online Gaming Platform Stadia Is Not Shutting Down

Google has been forced to come out and assure users that its online gaming platform Stadia won’t be shutting down anytime soon.

The company has mostly avoided making such strong statements, but it was forced to do so after a social media post circulating this week claimed the search giant is pulling the plug on its gaming project.

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The post was also shared by a Twitter handle called Killed by Google, which is basically about all the products that Google has killed over the years. While there was no way to verify who owns the Twitter handle, the message shared by the handle was clearly strong enough for Google to come out and somehow corroborate the report.

Here’s what the post said about Google Stadia and its future:


Old colleague and friend of mine, is now one of the regional managers for Google. He’s actually the one who got me started with Stadia. They had a pretty big employee/retail seminar in California last weekend, and long story short, Google is kicking off their exit plan. They didn’t have an exact date for the end of the shift, but they did say by the end of the summer. He also said that they will not necessarily transfer their services or servers to another league, and that it will be about the same as with “Google Play Music”

Same exit approach and strategy

Obviously I’m not as big a fan as some of you, but you’ve always been super cool and helpful, so I thought I’d give you something back and drop you a line.


There were a few other details I could post if you’d like, but nothing too groundbreaking. I do believe he also mentioned that all members would be notified 30-60 days in advance and that the last month of service will be refunded and there will be no charge for usage.

Any available subscription months will also be fully refunded to your linked bank account.

I will speak to him tonight and ask all your questions.

Thanks again guys.


And seeing this message sparked a backlash, many fearing the worst. But Google responded to one such user on social media, confirming that Stadia is not shutting down. It even ensured that people will see more games added to the platform. And if that wasn’t enough, Google sent out a cheeky reply to the post, featuring its own from the Stadia handle just a few days ago.

Stadia has officially been around for a few years, but availability is limited to certain countries. India never got Stadia and we don’t foresee this changing anytime soon.

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