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As the first step of his immersive viewing experience, google introduced the aerial view to Google Maps. The ‘photorealistic aerial view’ feature of approximately 100 popular landmarks in Barcelona, ​​London, New York, San Francisco and Tokyo. Google’s aerial image is very similar to: Apple Cards‘ 3D flyover view.
The aerial view from Google Maps is the first step to the immersive view
In a recent blog post from Amanda Leicht Moore, Director of Product, Google Maps says aerial images are the first step towards the immersive image, announced at I/O this year. Moore adds that immersive viewing is an experience that combines AI with Street View and aerial photography.
To see an aerial view of a landmark, open Google Maps on your smartphone and search for landmarks such as Big Ben, Empire State Building, or Alcatraz Island. Now scroll down to the photo section, where you will find the aerial view with a 360-degree aerial view of that monument.
The aerial view will be rolled out worldwide and will be available for both IOS and Android.
Google Maps bike navigation shows a much more detailed route information
There are also a few updates. Google Maps gets improved bike navigation with detailed route information that shows if there is a lot of car traffic, stairs or steep hills on the route. Google Maps also shows you the type of road you’re taking, whether it’s a main road or a local street. The new bicycle navigation will be made available to Google Maps users in hundreds of cities in the coming weeks.
Location sharing is also getting an update
Finally, location sharing is getting smarter. So now, if someone shares their location with you, you will be notified when they arrive at the set destination. Furthermore, you will get a notification if they leave the place without telling you. Google says the feature only works for someone you share your location with. You can choose to stop sharing your location if you want.


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