Google may not have a goal for Calendar’s ‘Goal’ feature anymore

The feature will be discontinued in favor of recurring appointment reminders

Google likes to run regular experiments on its apps and services, sometimes combining them like recently with Hangouts. The company also has a reputation for tinkering with in-app features and sometimes the ones that have been cheery for a long time are also discontinued. The next addition to this list of discontinued elements may be the “Goals” feature in Google Calendar.


Calendar is a versatile app that has only recently been aligned with Google Workspace. It hasn’t always been this straightforward, though: since 2016, it also came with a feature to track your “goals.”

As the name suggests, users can set a “goal” that they want to achieve and Calendar can plant in customizable reminders depending on how often they wanted to work towards the goal, how much time they wanted to spend on it, and what time of the day. day.

If you’ve just discovered this feature or have been an avid user for years, some lines of code in the latest Google Calendar APK (version 2022.30.2) bring bad news. The folks at 9to5Google found a write-off prompt, meaning goals are no longer part of the app.

Goals will leave Agenda soon

Later in the code, Google clarifies that once you’ve created goals, you’ll continue to see them block the time in your calendar, but the reminders won’t repeat. The code also reveals Google’s proposed solution: you can create recurring events instead of goals.

Learn more about target alternatives

Create an event instead

Google’s elimination of the Goals feature is another step toward turning Calendar into a workspace-centric service, while relegating other seemingly personal tasks to other apps like Assistant and Google Tasks. That said, the banner has been seen in code and not in the UI, so it may take a few weeks for Google Calendar’s “Goal” feature to reach its end.

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