Google Pay Hinglish? Yes, it exists! Here’s to how to enable it on iPhones and Android devices

You now have access to your Google Pay Hinglish app. Know how to change Google Pay language to Hinglish on iPhones and Android in easy steps.

Google Pay is now available in Hinglish! Yes, that is a mix of Hindi and English languages ​​that is mainly used by young people as it can make for some delightful sentences. In 2021, Google announced that it will introduce an option for Indian users to use the digital wallet platform in the Hinglish language – a hybrid of English and Hindi languages. And now, finally, Google Pay app is available with Hinglish language option in India. To make the app more user-friendly, Google has announced the Hinglish language in addition to the text-to-speech, split billing and MyShop features. So once you choose this language in the Google Pay app, some options will be displayed in Hinglish. Such as “New Payment” will be read as “Naya Payment”, while “Show Transaction History” will be translated to “Dekhein Transaction History”, and more like that. Also read: How to take a Google Chrome screenshot on a Windows laptop

This is not the first language targeting Indian users. Hinglish on Google Pay joins the pre-existing Indian languages ​​like Bengali, Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Marathi, Tamil and Telugu. The option to choose this new language on Google Pay is available to both Android and Apple iPhone users. All you need to do is have your Google Pay app running on the latest updated version. If you’re looking forward to using your Google Pay app in Hinglish, here are the easy steps to do it. Also read: Google Lens is now MORE accessible to Chrome users! Know how to use Google Lens in Chrome

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