Gran Turismo 7 Collaborates With Dior For A Unique Skin Collection

During the Gran Turismo World Series 2022 Showdown last night, PlayStation officially revealed an upcoming crossover between Gran Turismo 7 and renowned fashion company Dior.

The collaboration will produce a whole collection of unique skins, including a helmet, a yellow driver outfit, a pair of boots and a special De Tomaso Mangusta livery. Kim Jones, the artistic director of the men’s collection at Dior, designed all of these skins exclusively for Gran Turismo 7.

The driver’s outfit is an all-yellow set with gray lines on the chest representing a large Dior logo, as well as a ’47’ below the logo, which is a reference to Christian Dior’s first fashion show held in 1947. also spot small and transparent Dior logos printed side by side in a beautiful pattern on the yellow outfit.


The helmet, on the other hand, has a gray body with blue glass on the front, which represents Dior’s small printed logos, similar to the main outfit. You can also see Christian Dior’s name printed above and below the helmet glass in parallel lines.

When it comes to the boots, you see a big gray dominance with small but nice yellow trims around it. The pair of boots and gloves seem to go great with the overall outfit thanks to a beautiful choice of colors.

When it comes to the car, the designers opted for a limited-edition De Tomaso Mangusta with a creamy yellowish color in order not to be too flashy and to keep the overall design simple but luxurious. Both doors of the car have a Dior logo at the bottom, surrounded by straight gray lines, while a large ’47’ rests on the hood with a similar design to the 47 of the outfit, but with a slightly darker gray.

The Gran Turismo 7 Dior collection will launch as a full pack on August 25, 2022. There is no official announcement about the price tag of this unique and stylish collection. It also remains a mystery whether you can buy this pack with your in-game currency, or if it can only be bought with real money.

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