Grand Theft Auto V Game Files Hint Towards GTA: Online DLC With Michael

In December last year, GTA Online fans were treated to a huge chunk of DLC titled ‘The Contract’. Saw the huge update Grand Theft Auto V main character Franklin Clinton returns after almost 10 years. Now fans are eager to see co-leader Michael De Santa return to the series.

While Michael’s possible return is only rumor at this point, Ned Luke (the actor behind Michael De Santa) took to Twitter in late April with a rather unusual video. The short clip showed the actor in character as Michael dressed in a full Cluckin Bell staff uniform, muttering the line “not my idea of ​​a successful retirement”.

Many saw those words as a sort of teaser that the character would soon be returning to the series. Now, more than a month later, new in-game files further point to a possible Michael DLC for Grand Theft Auto: Online

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Michael De Santa May Return in Grant Theft Auto Online DLC

As noted by Twitter user rollschuh2282 (through Grand Theft Auto initiate, TezFunz2), in-game files revealed that Rockstar Games added a new scenario spawn point. This may not mean much at first glance, but the spawn point in question is outside of Record A Studios under the name “movie_set”.

Michael De Santa was of course known in Grand Theft Auto V because of his love of movies, where much of the character’s story revolves around this passion. After retiring at the end of Grand Theft Auto VMichael is believed to have pursued his dream job as a film producer.

This was even referenced in The Contract DLC, while Franklin is driving through the movie grounds on one of the DLC missions, he can be heard saying he has a movie producer friend and he hopes he’s not at work today.

With Rockstar Games clearly not afraid to bring in the original protagonists Grand Theft Auto: Onlineit could mean the next summer DLC could focus on the return of Michael De Santa.

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