GTA 6 Insider Leaks Caribbean Part of Map

According to a new rumor GTA 6 technically has more than one card. Extensive reporting, numerous leaks, and even some possible taunting from Rockstar Games itself here and there, all point to Vice City, the series’ fictional take on Miami, as the game’s primary setting. The emphasis here is on “primary” as it is expected that there will be more of Flordia as Rockstar Games expands the Vice City/Miami area.

At various points, thanks to various rumors and leaks, we have heard that part of the game’s map will be The Caribbean. The last rumble of this comes the way of Matheusvictorbra well-known leaker in the GTA community, and a leaker who leaked that the game has two protagonists and that one of these two characters is a woman. According to the insider, the Caribbean islands are in the game, but not included in the open world itself, suggesting that players will end up in the Caribbean at some point in the game, similar to how an entire chapter in Red Dead Redemption 2 takes place in Guarma.

That said, while Rockstar Games used a secondary map with Red Dead Redemption 2it didn’t really do much with Grand Theft Auto. Furthermore, the Caribbean is right next to Miami, so it would be odd if there was a separate Caribbean map if you could just stick it on the main map.

That said, take everything here with a grain of salt. While the resource in question was good in the past, they weren’t good in the past either. Furthermore, even if everything is right here, it doesn’t mean it will stay that way. Rockstar Games has a reputation for cutting down a lot of content towards the end of development, more than other developers, and not because it’s unfinished, but because it’s considered inadequate. People believe hours and hours of Red Dead Redemption 2 were cut quite close to the end of development.

As for Rockstar Games, this new rumor has not been commented on, and as it has not commented on previous rumors, including those for much more prominent sources, we don’t expect this to change. However, if expectations are met, we’ll update the story accordingly.

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