‘Hansie was disturbed about what he did’: Chilling details of Cronje’s last days | Cricket

Former South African batter Jonty Rhodes has shared some riveting details about what happened in the life of ex-Captain Hansie Cronje after he was found guilty of the infamous match fixing scandal. In April of the year 2000, it was revealed that Cronje had had talks with an Indian bookmaker about fixing matches, and was subsequently banned from cricket for life. Cronje challenged the decision, but it was rejected. Rhodes, who was then playing for South Africa, revealed that he was on good terms with Cronje, but added that Hansie was ashamed of his actions.

“For all of us, the whole match-fixing thing was a real shock to the system. We had no idea of ​​the details of it. It was really hard. But the amazing thing was… I got a lot of money to spend time with Hansie after that. Even when he got banned and i stopped taking Tests he told me “Jonty… you can’t retire. You only have one chance. I know what it feels like to let that fade.” There were other players who were accused of fixing matches and they went on as if nothing had happened, but Hansie was really ashamed of what he had done,” Rhodes told Paddy Upton on his podcast Lessons From the World’s Best.

“For the first few months he had gained weight. He locked himself in. He barely came out of the house. Occasionally some of his close friends would visit him at home, but he never went out just because he was devastated. He showed real remorse “He was genuinely disturbed by what he had done. For a year he was the unhealthiest I’d seen him. And then he got it back. He got a job at a construction equipment company. It was great to see how he really lived his life back on track. I was really sad because I believed he could have been a great example to show young people how to change your life.”

On June 1, 2002, Cronje died in a plane crash. He was 32. Adding upton to the conversation, Upton mentioned his deafening final conversation with Cronje, barely a week before the former South Africa captain passed away.

“Hansie would always tell me he’s fine, he moves on, but every time he put the phone down I thought, he says he’s okay, but I don’t feel it. And one day I called him accidentally “I really feel like I’ve come full circle and I’m ready to move on” I felt like it was the first time he said for me he’s ready to move on. And a week later he moved on. And I really had a deafening feeling about it,” said Upton.

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