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For the uninitiated, vitamin D helps boost our immune system’s ability to fight off infection. Therefore, people with a vitamin D deficiency or deficiency are at a higher risk of developing infections if they do not consume vitamin D found in fatty fish such as fish. salmon, tuna and fishbone, eggs, fortified grains, milk and mushrooms or sunlight, which is another good and natural source of vitamin D. Health experts suggest that people with low exposure to sunlight should consider taking vitamin D supplements as recommended by their health care provider, while B vitamins, as the main components of a healthy body, have an immediate impact on energy levels. , brain function and cellular metabolism.

The Vitamin B complex is made up of eight different B vitamins, and each of these essential vitamins contribute to your body’s developmental function. Therefore, it is an important nutrient with the B complex vitamin being a group of B vitamins ranging from B1 to B12. People tend to feel lethargic in the winter and vitamin B-12 boosts energy by promoting cell function, while bitamin B-rich foods include eggs, green leafy vegetables, fish, liver, chicken, milk, legumes, orange and contain whole grains.

In a recent reminder on his social media handle, holistic lifestyle coach and author Luke Coutinho asked, “Ready for a powerful reminder not to take vitamin D3 and B12 deficiency lightly? (sic)” He added: “ In Integrative & Lifestyle Medicine, we invest time in identifying the cause behind every symptom and disease. And there is one root cause that seems to be a commonality with almost every other person we consult. It’s like a silent epidemic that is ravaging everyone Maybe you too. It’s a deficiency of Vitamin D3 and B12. Because this is so common, many think this isn’t a big deal, but it is! It’s an alarming deficiency and your body may already be showing signs in several ways. from a deficiency: body aches, brain fog, fatigue, hormonal imbalance, brittle nails, memory loss or something else (sic).”

He explained that the science behind these vitamins has always existed since “every cell in our body, from the brain to bones, has vitamin D3 receptors on its surface. These vitamins regulate the functions of various genes in our body. Hence that the deficiency can lead to a range of symptoms and conditions. Sometimes increasing the levels of these two vitamins is all you need to feel better (sic).” He listed the varied roles of Vitamin D3 which is beyond strong bones and a precursor to immunity, hormones etc. This includes:

– WBC production

– Training a smart immunity (T cells)

– Production of hormones, including thyroid and sex hormones

– Brain health and memory

– Absorption of calcium, phosphorus (bone health)

– Insulin resistance and more.

Then Luke Coutinho emphasized the various roles of vitamin B12. This includes:

– Energy production

– Carbohydrate Metabolism

– Gut health

– RBC production

– Nerve health (including optic nerves)

– Brain health, memory

– Mood regulation and more

He shared: “This means that a drop in your vitamin D3 and B12 levels can affect all of the above functions. So would you take a pill for every symptom you experience? Or tackle the root cause – fix low levels of these vitamins? two vitamins are a fundamental requirement for your body, no matter who you are, what you do and your dietary preference, the basics never change.Keep it simple, and if your levels are low, increase them under the guidance of a health professional ( sic).”

Vitamin D and Vitamin B12 help reduce hair loss and including these along with Biotin or Vitamin B7 in your daily diet also helps promote stronger hair apart from reducing hair loss.

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