Heads Are Bound To Turn To Look At Malaika Arora In A Printed String Swim Set

Everyone loves a throwback photo. Even if only temporarily, you will go back to that time and place to beautiful sun-drenched memories. It’s clear that Malaika Arora was transported back in time when she saw her very summery beachy Instagram post submerged in the water and in a printed bikini. Bikinis are always a good idea when you’re at the beach and Malaika definitely packs in abundance every time she goes there. While we can’t see most of her bikini, we know it’s a fabulous one. That’s the power of Malaika Arora! In case you couldn’t see, Malaika Arora makes heads turn and more than usual when bikinis play the main role.

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Beach holidays are anything but a miss for Malaika Arora. Chic bikini sets always come in handy and that’s why the luxurious pair from Malaika Arora is sure to make an appearance. We are glad there are no stops.

The pool is Malaika Arora’s second home on vacation. Before, during or after a yoga session you can easily see Malaika Arora sunbathing in style by the pool.

When at the beach, Malaika Arora knows that the secret to a great classy vacation is swimwear to be complemented by equally classy dresses to wear as is or on top of some of those bathing suits.

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Malaika Arora does not miss an opportunity for a nice summer holiday. And they are never minus the style quotient for a hot summer day.

Malaika Arora’s dip in the pool is always high fashion. There will never be excuses for fashion during her summer vacation, that’s for sure.

Beach holidays are just better because Malaika Arora shows us how to do it right.

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