Health Dept., local bodies in Coimbatore gear up for mosquito source reduction works in view of monsoon

The Ministry of Health and local authorities have been preparing for massive cleanups to eliminate the breeding of mosquitoes as the district gets occasional showers from the southwest monsoon.

At a meeting held on Saturday, District Collector GS Sameeran instructed the local authorities on measures to be taken to prevent the breeding of mosquitoes and to control the spread of other monsoon-related ailments.

P. Aruna, deputy director of health services, said the Ministry of Health has also instructed officials in all blocks in the district to implement mosquito control measures. †

“They (officers) have been asked to focus on source reduction, misting and taking measures against larvae. The department also carries out IEC (information, education and communication) activities on the importance of preventing mosquito breeding through primary care centers and health professionals. Domestic breeding inspectors are also being called in to make sure people keep their homes and grounds free of mosquito brood,” she said.

According to Dr. Aruna has seen no increase in dengue or other mosquito-borne diseases in the district so far. Existing and past cases of dengue have been sporadic in nature. However, as a precaution, preventive measures were taken.

Coimbatore Medical College Hospital Dean A. Nirmala said there was no significant increase in the number of dengue cases reported at the tertiary hospital.

The public has been advised not to breed mosquitoes in their homes and buildings where fresh water is collected.

They have been advised to check containers used to store drinking water and to properly dispose of single-use plastic items, coconut shells, unused jars, discarded tires, etc., as rainwater is stored in them and breeding mosquitoes helps.

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