Heartwarming Video Of Penguins Chasing A Butterfly Delights Internet

Watch: Heartwarming video of penguins chasing a butterfly, enjoy the internet

The post has also racked up hundreds of likes and comments. (Unsplash/representative photo)

An adorable video of a dozen penguins chasing a butterfly in front of them has taken the internet by storm.

The clip, shared on Twitter, shows a group of Adélie penguins hopping through a southern landscape. The little creatures flutter around to catch the butterfly flying in front of them. It’s unclear where the clip was shot, but this is for sure: it’s insanely cute.

Watch the video below:

The short video has captured the attention of the internet. It’s only two seconds long, but since it was shared, it’s been viewed nearly three million times. The post has also racked up hundreds of likes and comments.

While one user wrote, “Somehow every scene with penguin is heartwarming! Penguins, like our pets, are so cute,” said another, “this (video) really needs to be longer.” “I wonder which Penguin convinced them it was a posse…” wrote the third, while a fourth user added, jokingly, “That butterfly is taunting them with its flying skills, and I love it!”

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Meanwhile, a while ago, another cute animal video created a buzz on the internet. The video showed monkeys exchanging love in a way that seemed like they were still seeing each other after a long wait. The clip showed two adult monkeys, each with a baby on their backs, approaching and hugging. The social media post proved that there is a lot in common between humans and animals when it comes to showing affection.

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