Here Are All the macOS Ventura Features Your Intel Mac Won’t Support

Apple’s public release of macOS Ventura is expected sometime in October, but given the number of features in macOS Monterey that were limited to Apple silicone Macs, will Intel Mac owners be left out in the cold again this fall?

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Thankfully, it doesn’t look like it will this time around, with many of the key features in macOS 13 offering full functionality on both Intel and Apple silicone machines.

As long as your model of Intel Mac meets the minimum requirements for macOS Ventura, there are relatively few new features that you can’t use. That said, here are three exceptions that we were able to identify as Apple silicon exclusive.

Live Captions

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‌macOS Ventura‌ includes Live Captions support for all audio content, and that includes FaceTime so you can see transcribed dialogues automatically during calls. Live captions are available in English and are limited to iPhone 11 and newer, ‌iPad‌ with A12 Bionic and newer, and of course Macs with Apple silicone.

Reference mode with sidecar

reference mode:

Reference Mode with Sidecar lets you use a 12.9-inch iPad Pro with Liquid Retina XDR display as a secondary display with your Mac. “Reference” refers to the accurate and consistent representation of color in professional workflows that include review and approval, color correction, and composition.

In Apple’s example, the primary interface of Da Vinci Resolve is displayed on a connected Studio Display, with color grading ranges on a MacBook Pro display and the full screen output image on an M1 ‌iPad Pro‌ in Sidecar‌ mode.

Emoji support in dictation mode

2021 most popular emoji

In ‌macOS Ventura‌, text is automatically interrupted by commas, periods, and question marks as you speak. You can also insert emoji using just your voice, although Apple says this particular feature only works on Macs with ‌M1‌ and later processors.

Dictation is available in Cantonese (Hong Kong), English (Australia, Canada, India, UK, US), French (France), German (Germany), Japanese (Japan), Mandarin Chinese (Mainland China, Taiwan), and Spanish (Mexico, Spain, USA).

Sum up

As this short list shows, there are far fewer restrictions in ‌macOS Ventura‌ that Intel users face than in ‌macOS Monterey‌. That said, macOS 13 is dropping support for some Intel Macs sold between 2013 and 2016, so your model may just not make it to official compatibility.

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Apple has nearly completed its two-year transition from Intel processors to its custom Apple silicon chips in Macs, and the switchover will be complete when the Mac Pro gets the Apple silicon treatment sometime this year. Expect Apple to reduce software support for Intel machines more quickly from 2023 and beyond.

macOS 13 Ventura is available to developers starting this week, and Apple plans to release a public beta in July.

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