Here’s what to expect when you get your Google Pixel Buds Pro

They’re spilling the beans on Reddit

Hopefully this week you’ve read our review of the Pixel 6a – if not, it’s perfect weekend material – but as someone who wasn’t part of that circuit, I ended up pre-ordering my own device from Google Fi and I’m crossing my fingers. that the expedited shipping I paid for will really make a difference (for the record, that difference is literally a day earlier than July 28). But for at least one customer in France who has made a reservation for the Pixel Buds Pro, it seems their retailer is giving “accelerated” a whole new meaning.


In a thread on the r/GooglePixel subreddit this morning, one Kevin Saindou, aka u/Linkakox, said they pre-ordered their new earbuds from Fnac on July 21, like many other people, and received them this morning, well before the approved ship date on the 28th. They say that while the Pixel Buds app hasn’t been updated to support the Pros, they can be easily turned on and paired with a Pixel 6, and the active noise canceling works “pretty well.” Transparency mode is also a blessing.

Saindou notes that the box doesn’t include a USB-C cable (which we knew from what Google made public), but the Pixel Buds Pro charging case does indeed charge wirelessly. Multipoint functionality also seems to work seamlessly – the user could receive a phone call while listening to content on their PC.

Accompanying the claims were photos comparing the Pixel Buds Pro. The new button design loses the anchoring stem that the second generation Pixel Buds and Pixel Buds A series had. Saindou believes that the Pros fit less well than their predecessors.

Other commenters are asking him questions including how much latency they are dealing with and what codecs are supported – surprisingly not publicly available yet. Saintdou also has yet to test the microphone quality.

We’ll be back later and update this story as and when more details come in.

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