‘His numbers are perfect. It’s rare’: Rashid Latif on Karthik vs Samson | Cricket

From the battle for the opening position in the T20I format, the focus has shifted to the role of the wicket-keeper for the 2022 T20 World Cup squad, with India having a whopping five options. Three of them found a place in the roster for the South Africa series and another combination of three was named for the Ireland tour. But which of them will make it to the XI for the two-game series that will take place later this month?

India singled out Ishan Kishan, Rishabh Pant and Dinesh Karthik for the five-game home run against the Proteas. While Pant was the primary option for the wicketkeeper role, both Ishan and Karthik found their place in the XI throughout the match, with the latter outperforming as batters.

Pant is equipped for the Ireland tour and the youngster is set to join the Indian squad for the England tour. The selectors have replaced him with Sanju Samson while keeping Ishan and Karthik in the mix.

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While Ishan is likely to resume his role as opener, former Pakistani skipper Rashid Latif discusses which of Karthik and Samson will find a place in the XI as the wicketkeeper’s batter.

Speaking on YouTube channel Caught Behind, Rashid praised Karthik for his impressive numbers in the sequence, which he says is a rarity in T20 cricket among wicketkeepers. That’s why he backed the 36-year-old for the role.

“Wicket keepers are currently performing very well in world cricket. Samson has performed very well, but is a top-shelf batter. But if you look at lower middle order options, you have Dinesh Karthik. The numbers he has are perfect to have him in playing XI. It is rare. And he showed that in his games for RCB, hitting down with the highest batting frequency. You will find very few wicketkeepers who can do that in T20s. Karthik will be the one I will choose for the XI,” he said.

In addition to the aforementioned four, India also has a part-time option in KL Rahul, who has been left out of both series due to injury.

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