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The new moon in Leo brings many gifts, and the gift of transformation is the most important of these, Taurus. After experiencing multiple awakenings (and maybe ego kills!), you realize that spirituality isn’t always “love and light.” That in order to get to a certain place or become who you were always meant to be, you have to shed the baggage of your past. Nothing scares you anymore, and that’s the best thing about this trip. Cancer, you are reminded that age is just a number. So, respect the urge to bend your life path. Respect the urge to go back to your books or hone your skills in a way you feel called to do. Respect the urge to take a gap year and invest in projects that lift your soul. Gemini, you don’t want to party until the wee hours anymore. May you no longer resonate with the idea of ​​getting drunk to a point where everything starts to fade. You may want to spend your evening on the couch with your favorite book, and that’s okay. Conscious living is a choice, a choice that you are encouraged in this moment.

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