How To Become A Co-Founder At Zerodha? What Brokerage Firm’s CEO Said

'How do you become a co-founder of Zerodha?'  What the CEO of a Real Estate Agency Said

Nithin Kamath shared a screenshot of the question. (FILE)

Nithin Kamath, the co-founder of India’s largest trading brokerage Zerodha, has provided an example of the kind of demand the company faces. No, the question posed by a user is not about the stock market or finance, rather it is something the CEO must have turned upside down.

Mr. Kamath shared a screenshot of the question that read, “Hi Zerodha, how do you become a co-founder of Zerodha?”

Along with the image, he wrote, “The questions we get.”

The unidentified person’s question quickly sparked speculation on Twitter users. But amid the many answers suggested by many, someone seemed determined to seek an answer from the co-founder himself. “What’s the answer?” he asked.

And the person’s question did not go unnoticed and was answered by Zerodha, who gave a funny answer. “Error Handling Request,” the company wrote.

One user suggested modifying the original question, stressing that it should be “How do you become the founder of Zerodha?”

To some, the question was not strange, but rather delightful.

This emphasized the innocence of the person asking the question.

Another came up with some very ambitious plans. “Build a better and bigger broker than Zerodha, buy out the company. Join the signs!” suggested the user.

The questions certainly aroused the curiosity of many.

“Hahaha… So what’s the reaction… Is it traveling back in time to meet me when I started the co,” read another comment.

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