How to defeat the Broodmother on ARK Fjordur in 2022

ARK Fjordur is the twelfth DLC of ARK Survival Evolved and was initially released as an unofficial mod map. Due to its increasing popularity, Studio Wildcard decided to release this as official DLC earlier this year on June 12. The widespread map of Fjordur certainly has a lot to offer players. A diverse variety of primitive wildlife, beautiful landscapes and challenging combat evoke the survival instincts of the players.

Speaking of wildlife, Fjordur has introduced four new tamable creatures, seven mini bosses, and a final boss to the game. Players must fight their way through defeating mini-bosses to finally meet the final boss. The three strongest mini-bosses are Megapithecus, Dragon and Broodmother. Players must defeat all three to spawn the final boss Fenrisulfr.

As expected, Broodmother is not a new creature. This giant spider has also appeared in The Center and can be found in The Lair on Valguero, as it is also one of the three Guardians on The Island. Broodmother can be tamed and ridden for a short time in Survive the ARK mission in Genesis: Part 2. A weaker variant of Broodmother spawns in the Bog Beatdown in Genesis: Part 1.

This article discusses the easiest ways to defeat Broodmother, the mini spider boss in ARK Fjordur.

ARK Fjordur Broodmother: General Stats, Strength, Weakness and Combat Technique

Information and statistics

Like Dragon and Megapithecus, Broodmother also has three variants: alpha, beta, and gamma. Of these, alpha is the hardest to beat, while gamma is the easiest. At first glance, players will notice that this giant spider looks like it’s wearing shiny, gold, dwarf armor. The basic structure resembles a normal spider, with pointed legs and sharp fangs.

Like all bosses, Broodmother never fights alone and has a bunch of relatively smaller spider minions to fight for on the battlefield. To summon gamma Broodmother, players must be at least level 50.

Broodmother terminal cave entrance in ARK Fjordur (Image via Sportskeeda)
Broodmother terminal cave entrance in ARK Fjordur (Image via Sportskeeda)

To reach the Broodmother terminal, players must:

  • Find the Broodmother terminal cave at 57.3, 65.7″
  • Find the Broodmother terminal in the cave at 54.5, 65.3″
  • Put the necessary Broodmother Tribute items in the terminal

Alpha Broodmother’s basic stats are:

Attribute Base value +1 level
Health 972000 +243000
Resistance 150 +15
melee damage 540 +40.5
sprint speed 1674.75 AFTER
numbness 100000 +6000
Broodmother terminal in ARK Fjordur (Image via Sportskeeda)
Broodmother terminal in ARK Fjordur (Image via Sportskeeda)

The tribute items required for opening the alpha Broodmother terminal are:

  • 1 Beyla Relic
  • 1Artifact of the Clever
  • 1 Hunter’s Artifact
  • 1 Artifact of the Massive
  • 10 Argentavis Claw
  • 10 Sarcosuchus Skin
  • 10Sauropod Vertebra
  • 10 Titanoboa gif

Once this mini-boss is defeated, the alpha Broodmother will fall:

  • 148 elements
  • 1 spider flag
  • 1 Breeding Mother Trophy

Combat Technique

Broodmother is an intermediate boss, as defeating it is harder than overpowering Dragon, but easier than Megapithecus. The Araneo henchmen can also use web attacks to slow the player down and deal stun damage.

Here are some tips and tricks to help players defeat Broodmother in battle:

  • Players should use Yuty as a battle mountain, as they can use their bravery to improve the stats of other tams.
  • Daeodons can use their healing ability to heal friendly tames.
  • Players can use 3-4 high level Gigas with decent armor to defeat Broodmother. Gigas can penetrate his heavy armor without taking enough damage to trigger their own rage mode.

Note: This article is subjective and reflects the opinion of the writer only.

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