How to disable Google Chrome autofill option

Google Chrome’s autofill option can be useful when logging into a website, but it can also be risky. Know how to disable it.

Google Chrome and other internet browsers come with the auto-fill option, which makes it easy to auto-fill login information. This feature is quite useful and takes the annoyance of having to remember passwords every time you log into websites. However, it can also turn out to be a privacy nightmare, especially when using a shared computer or smartphone. In that case, avoid the auto-fill form option. And if you’ve already saved passwords and credentials, don’t forget to delete them all. You can also disable Google Chrome’s autofill option for forms and websites on desktop and mobile. Here is a step by step guide on how to do it easily. Also read: Google Chrome will release a new screenshot tool soon! View highlights

Disable AutoFill in Google Chrome

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Autofill is usually enabled by default, but you can manually disable it for obvious privacy reasons. Here’s how to enable or disable the autofill feature in Google Chrome:

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