How to earn Milestones in Sea of Thieves

Sea of ​​Thieves has introduced a new form of progression that users can reach, known as Milestones.

Milestones aren’t exactly achievements like fans would find on their Xbox Live account, but they’re permanent trackers in the game itself that show off numbers for just about any activity.

These new milestones are tracked for individual gamers, along with every ship they man during their piracy career. The progress of milestones can be viewed at any time to see where they stand.

How to achieve milestones in Sea of ​​Thieves

Players can view their milestone progress in the Ship’s Log, located in the game’s main menu. They are separated by Pirate Milestones and Ship Milestones.

Pirate milestones progress during activities that users perform in a crew with a captain. Ship Milestones progress based on the activities they perform with a crew while on their ship.

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Individual gamers and each ship owned or controlled by Sea of ​​Thieves will have their own progress to track in the ship’s logbook. Each new ship has its own milestones to reach.

Milestones can be anything from collecting gold and finding treasure to defeating enemies or sailing a certain distance. Players should check their Milestone list to see how much progress they have made with a particular activity.

As they progress through a milestone, the class will increase. This gives users access to trinkets in the Shipwright’s Shop at each Outpost and can be tracked by pinning the milestone in the ship’s log and viewing the milestone alignment.

Milestone Alignments

Milestone Alignments are based on a pirate’s playstyle. This is new in Sea of ​​Thieves Season 7, with seven normal alignments and one extra alignment available for Pirate Milestones.

Milestone alignments can be enforced by adopting a specific playstyle. They can also be completely organic if gamers decide to play their way and wait to see what Milestone Alignments level up.

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Here are the milestones in Sea of ​​Thieves:

  • The gold digger: It is centered around selling loot and treasure. These milestones track the companies players sell to, the total treasures sold, and the gold earned from those sales.
  • The traveller: With a focus on travel, this Milestone Alignment keeps track of how many miles one has sailed, the number of days at sea, missions completed and how many islands a pirate has visited.
  • The Emissary: This alignment has milestones based on playing as an emissary and earning gold for the top five companies in the game.
  • The hunter: The Hunter is a Milestone Alignment about fishing and cooking.
  • the dreaded: Users who like PvE battles will match this Milestone Alignment. It keeps track of the number of fortresses captured, enemy mobs defeated and cannonballs fired.
  • the villain: The Rogue focuses on life at sea as a carefree pirate. It tracks when gamers drink gog, take a nap, sit for a long time or participate in singing a shanty.
  • the ill-fated: Players who often find themselves in difficult situations will see this Milestone Alignment. It pulls the numbers on how many times they’ve died, sailed through a storm, sunk their ship, lost treasure, or even caught fire.
  • The captain: The final Milestone Alignment is for individual pirates and captains. It’s a simple tracker that looks at how many ships are owned and landed, along with the crew on board and the finishing touches to them.

Sea of ​​Thieves milestones can be sorted based on these alignments, allowing users to see what their play style is. It also gives them an idea of ​​how close they are to increasing a Class and adding the available trinkets.

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