How to get a Medium Supply Crate in Fallout 76

A Medium Supply Crate is one of several camp items that can be used to store gear and resources in Fallout 76.

Players can customize their camp with furniture, decorations, and storage devices. That said, the Medium Supply Crate is one of the most sought after as it holds a lot of items.

Those who have earned one in the past were able to keep it, but it was unavailable in Fallout 76 for a long time before it returned recently. Now players can get their hands on the plans and build their own.

What a Medium Supply Crate Does in Fallout 76

Players can place a Medium Supply Crate in their camp (Image via Bethesda)
Players can place a Medium Supply Crate in their camp (Image via Bethesda)

There are a handful of different stock crates in Fallout 76 and the Medium stock crate is one of the favorite. While it’s not too clunky and doesn’t take up much space, it does provide players with a solid amount of storage space.

It can be placed in a camp by going to the Stash Box section of the camp’s crafting menu. Select the Medium Supply Crate, place it somewhere in the camp and use it for use.

All items stored are kept in it and other storage boxes owned by the camp or on the map. This is a great resource to have, so if a player dies unexpectedly, they still have gear, materials, and other items stashed away.

Obtaining a Medium Supply Crate in Fallout 76

Minerva has plenty for players to buy in Fallout 76 (Image via Bethesda)
Minerva has plenty for players to buy in Fallout 76 (Image via Bethesda)

The Medium Supply Crate was first introduced during the Nuclear Winter update. Players can dive into the Nuclear Winter Battle Royale mode and compete against others to be the last one standing.

Progressing through the ranks of the update and BR mode yielded a variety of rewards. One of the items available as a reward through Nuclear Winter BR was the Medium Supply Crate.

Nuclear Winter is gone, but the developers have slowly made some of the rewards in Fallout 76 available in other ways. When it comes to a Medium Supply Crate, players can find it in Minerva’s inventory.

Minerva appears in one of three locations in a weekly rotation. She can be found at the Foundation, the Crater or at Fort Atlas every Monday through Wednesday.

Every so often, she hosts Minerva’s Big Sale, which runs from Thursday to Monday. Keep an eye on the mentioned locations and days. Whether the sale is live or not, buy the plans for the Medium Supply Crate from her.

When Minerva has finished visiting, she disappears for a moment. Emphasis on DISAPPEAR. *POOF!* #Fallout76

Once the plans are purchased, players can return to their camp and access the camp’s crafting menu. This is where the camp’s decorations and useful items can be made and then placed.

With the plans available, go to the Stash Box section and locate the Medium Supply Crate. Select to make one with x2 steel and x2 wood waste in the inventory. These are the necessary craft materials.

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