How to get free gloo wall and bundles in Free Fire MAX Indian server (July 2022)

Free Fire MAX is one of the most played titles in the BR category. The HD quality graphics and immersive dynamics have made the title hugely popular. Players can get the ultimate gaming experience with elements such as real-life-inspired weapons, colorful outfit bundles, and skins for various in-game items, including gloowalls and much more.

They are constantly impressed when a new cool looking gloo wall skin or bundle is released in the game. They are always looking for easy ways to get these rewards for free, as some of them require spending real money or in-game diamonds.

This article discusses the best methods to get free gloo wall skins and bundles on Free Fire MAX Indian server.

The best ways to get free Gloo Wall skins and bundles in Free Fire MAX

1) Booyah App

The first method to get free in-game items such as gloo wall finishes and outfit bundles is the Booyah application. The application is developed by Garena and is available in leading app stores. The app offers plenty of interesting events where players can participate and win various rewards.

Players can easily log in with the same account they use in Free Fire MAX. The rewards earned will be sent directly to their in-game email. Moreover, it is easy to participate in these events and sometimes one can also find small tournaments on the application that bring great rewards.

2) Redeem Codes

The second method, which is quite useful for getting free collectibles like gloowall skins and bundles, is by redeeming codes. Garena spends a lot of it with lots of intriguing rewards. Players are always looking for these redemption codes to get great rewards for themselves.

These redemption codes will be released on Free Fire MAX’s social media accounts and during live streams of various tournaments run by Garena. Players can follow these accounts to get free rewards redemption codes.

Guide to Using Redemption Codes in Free Fire MAX

Garena has released an official website where players can easily use the redemption codes to get great rewards. Here is a simple step-by-step guide to redeem codes in FF MAX:

Guide to Using Redemption Codes in FF MAX (Image via Garena)
Guide to Using Redemption Codes in FF MAX (Image via Garena)
  1. Open any browser on your device and search for Garena’s official redemption code website.
  2. Open the website link and login to the website using any of the accounts including Facebook, Google, Twitter or VK IDs.
  3. A new screen will appear with the option to enter the redemption code.
  4. Players need to paste the redemption code into the box and click the confirm button.
  5. If the redemption code is valid, the player will receive confirmation.
  6. After that, they can check out his in-game email section to collect the redemption code rewards, which can be cool emotes, bundles, and gloo walls.

Redeeming codes is an integral facet of earning and enjoying cool rewards. That said, players are urged to take advantage of these benefits as soon as possible.

Edited by Sijo Samuel Paul

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