How to make a Potion of Regeneration in Minecraft 1.19 update

There are different types of potions in Minecraft and players have to use the right one for their needs.

One of those potions is the Potion of Regeneration, which restores a player’s health over time.

While Potions of Regeneration can be found in old towns from Minecraft 1.19 onwards, it may be more beneficial to make them at a brew stall.

It takes a few materials to successfully make Potions of Regeneration. Players must first create an Awkward Potion as a base. They must then add the last ingredient and convert the Awkward Potion into a Potion of Regeneration.

Step-by-Step Guide to Brewing Regenerating Potions in Minecraft 1.19″

Ingredients for a potion of regeneration in Minecraft (Image via Minecraft Amino)
Ingredients for a potion of regeneration in Minecraft (Image via Minecraft Amino)

Nether wart and ghast tears are the two main ingredients that Minecraft players need to create Potions of Regeneration.

As part of the brewing process, players will of course need glass bottles and water to get the process going. All drinks essentially start out as bottled water and are converted to various bases, which are then formulated into specific drinks.

The process of creating Potions of Regeneration can be tricky for newer players, so here’s a quick step-by-step guide for them.

  1. Once players have opened their brew standard interface, they will want to place up to three water bottles into the slots at the bottom of the UI. As long as there is one water bottle on the bottom, the brewing process can continue.
  2. In the top slot of the brew window, players can begin placing a Nether wart. They will then have to make sure they have enough blaze powder to fuel their brewing stand. This material can be obtained by breaking down fire bars that have fallen from fires in the Nether.
  3. The Nether wart should turn the water bottles into clunky potions after a short while.
  4. Players can keep their Awkward Potions in their brewing stand for this step. They can then place a ghast tear in the same material slot where the Nether wart was placed before. This should transform the Awkward Potions into Potions of Regeneration.

It’s worth noting that players can amplify the effects of their Potion of Regeneration by adding other materials.

For example, if players have their Potion of Regeneration, they can add glowstone dust to increase the potion’s level. They can also add redstone dust to extend the duration of the effect. Both are useful for Regeneration potions as they can heal more substantially and for a longer duration before they expire.

Players will want to keep their regeneration potions active for as long as possible to ensure they receive maximum healing. For this reason, the use of redstone dust is very beneficial to aspiring beverage brewers. It is strongly recommended to get the most out of your drinks to be careful with your precious materials.

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